Random Round-up

o The root of the word “president” is the verb “to preside”. Perhaps we should pick a different word, because they tend to do more than preside.

o I saw birds scavenging for food on a median strip on the way to class this morning. It’s interesting to think about that in terms of evolution. You have replicators (the birds) filled with replicators (parasites, etc.) standing on replicators (grass) eating replicators (insects). All are replicators, and yet they’re so completely different and specialized.

o Math can be horribly boring if you don’t find practical examples. Also if you only got four hours of sleep.

o This weekend I was at my parent’s house, playing the piano. For some reason it’s really easy to improvise in the key of D-flat major, but harder in C major. Hmph.

o Mulling over graduate school… Should I go? Where should I go?

o Passive-aggressive roommates who sigh and shuffle instead of telling you they want to go to sleep and to please turn off the lights are annoying.

o It’s harder to sing on key than to whistle on key.

o This weekend I went and saw Harry Potter. The entire time the screen was shaking ever so slightly. Fifteen minutes in, the projector began slowing down and then turned off. Thirty minutes in the lights randomly turned on for five minutes. Mediocre movie. Mediocre service. Go movie industry.

o My room has an air conditioner that points directly at my bed. I sleep on my back under a blanket, and every morning I wake up with a sweaty back. I can’t figure out why that is, though I have some theories.

o I read “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman” recently, which is a collection of some of Richard Feynman’s writings. It’s got to be one of my favorite science books of all time. Not so much science, really, but it describes perfectly what it takes to be a scientist, the frame of mind it takes. It’s incredibly inspiring, and funny, too.

o My brother, my sister, and I are all atheists. I think it has something to do with how we were raised. I don’t know about them, but for me it was incredibly easy to tell that my father doubted the whole thing somewhat and my mother saw it as a status symbol and a way to fit in.


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