Hegemony Thwarted

The Scientific Orthodoxy gathered today in Prague for an unprecedented emergency meeting. The cause of the uproar? An online publication some are calling the 95 Theses of the modern age.

About a week ago, parts of the offending documents, called The Journal of Creation, were put on the Web. The scientific community immediately spun into damage control. One lowly acolyte lamented, “If this goes down in a bad way, and everyone discovers that evolution is false, we may never see homosexuals, abortions, or terrorists ever again.” The meeting, which is being held behind closed doors, will not end until the ritual monkey-changing-into-a-man-shaped smoke emerges from the sacred chimney. At that time, the presiding Emperor of Science, Richard Dawkins, is expected to nullify all the laws of the world and replace them with his New York Times best-seller, The God Delusion.

Disclaimer: Hyperbole and sarcasm often mix to form what is called, in technical terms, “bullshit”.

P.S. If you’re confused about what I’m even talking about, go here.


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