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In the last post, I briefly mentioned the creationism propaganda film, “Expelled”, coming out in February 2008. In the interest of hilarity, I decided to peruse the movie’s official site. Here are some memorable bits which you might find amusing.

All over the world, Big Science is on the march, making sure that Neo-Darwinian Materialist Theory is protected, and that any challenges and challengers are dealt with…properly.

Wow. Scientists must be Nazis. What’re they doing to dissidents? Hanging them by their eye-balls? Grating their gums over steel spikes?

Quotes one bereaved victim…

“I have been told to “shut up!””

OH MY GOD N… wait.. what?

Science is too important to be left in the hands of just any scientists, no matter how “credentialed” they may be!

Stephen Colbert might remark, in agreement, “Facts have a well-known scientific bias.”

Which is why the administration at Big Science Academy thought it essential that students be made acutely aware of what happens to “dissenters” who stray into dangerous areas of science after graduation.

And by “dangerous” they mean “dangerous to your sanity”.

The star of the movie, Ben Stein, remarks thusly on the film:

I’m glad you found this site, because I want to share with you my thoughts from time to time here about a subject that is very near and dear to me: freedom. EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed [Ed: I wonder, is “No Intelligence Allowed” the subtitle or a suggestion to movie-goers?] is a controversial, soon-to-be-released documentary that chronicles my confrontation with the widespread suppression and entrenched discrimination that is spreading in our institutions, laboratories and most importantly, in our classrooms, and that is doing irreparable harm to some of the world’s top scientists, educators, and thinkers.

Sounds like a menace! What possibly could this suppression be? Ben answers:

…freedom of inquiry in science is being suppressed.

Um, yeah, that’s the whole point of science. Scientists ask questions which relate to the natural world. In other words, ones that matter. Would Mr. Stein be okay with a scientist submitting a research paper on the question, “What is the color of hope?”. No? Then Mr. Stein is suppressing freedom of inquiry too. Some questions are just stupid ones. Plain and simple.

Under a new anti-religious dogmatism, scientists and educators are not allowed to even think thoughts that involve an intelligent creator. Do you realize that some of the leading lights of “anti-intelligent design” would not allow a scientist who merely believed in the possibility of an intelligent designer/creator to work for him… EVEN IF HE NEVER MENTIONED the possibility of intelligent design in the universe?EVEN FOR HIS VERY THOUGHTS… HE WOULD BE BANNED.

Okay, that’s just downright false. In fact, a prominent star of the film is Michael Behe, who’s a professor at Lehigh University. And he’s one of THE most prominent intelligent design advocates. At least be consistent with your fanciful conspiracy theories. Even Richard Dawkins admits in his books that there’s a possibility a god of some kind exists, albeit a very small one.

“Big Science Academy” is proud to have the support of the “Mainstream Press” in stifling the rise of freedom of speech in our science classrooms. In so many ways, “Big Science” and “Big Media” are on exactly the same page, when it comes to making sure that dissenters and troublemakers are properly expelled.

Ooh, more conspiracies. The only thing missing is something about Jews; that would probably offend Mr. Stein, of course. It’s odd then, assuming this statement is true, that scientists criticize journalists, and often, for over-hyping and dumbing down science stories. That must be all part of the plan too, right? Wow, scientists are just so tricksy, Gollum!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Let’s steal the man’s socks as part of our grand conspiracy!


  2. Stein’s film looks absolutely wretched, although I’m sure the company that’s putting it out is going to try and do lots of church tie-ins (they also promoted The Passion of the Christ, Chronicles of Narnia, and other films with free movie clips, tickets, promotional materials, etc.). Still, even though I know Stein’s movie is a pack of lies, at best, I can only imagine that the film will further polarize those already inclined to distrust science based upon their religious beliefs.


  3. The ID crowd is doing an astonishingly poor job of hiding their religious agenda. If you drew a cladogram of creationists, sorting them by their characteristics to reconstruct a phylomemetic tree, there’d be a branching point between the YECs and the IDers, but religious motivation is decidedly a common trait.


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