Dishonesty Seems to Be a Hallmark

Hey you, creationists. Let’s sit down and have a chat.

Now, usually you take the positions you do out of ignorance. You’re not stupid, you just don’t spend time looking at the facts. You give your trust willingly, but only selectively. Scientists, they’re untrustworthy. But pseudoscientists, no, they’re “rebels”. That’s all fine and good. Do whatever you have to do.

But do you really understand what liars the higher-ups in your movement really are?

Let me get to the point. There’s a movie coming out in February of next year called “Expelled”, starring Ben Stein. It seeks to paint science as some kind of totalitarian, anti-intellectual, hegemonic censor of all things good in the world. That’s fine. Creationists have been trying to do that for awhile now. The real problem here isn’t the content of the movie, which is amusing more than anything, but how the film crew behind it sought to get interviews with scientists.

PZ Myers, of Pharyngula fame, writes that he was contacted and asked for an interview by a producer of an up and coming film about the conflict between religion and science. In the e-mail, which is reposted on Pharyngula, the producer not only lied about the title and content of the movie, but has a ready-made website describing the fake project in case his interviewees happen to Google all of this.

So what ended up happening? PZ took the interview, but only learned later that it would be used for a different movie. What movie? Why, our good friend “Expelled”! Cute, huh? Not just outright dishonesty, but deceit. A twofer!

Maybe creationists should take the beam out of their own eye before pointing out the mote in another’s. I just hope you don’t give your money to these people.


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