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The Origin of Specious

A common misconception that creationists have (boy, how many posts about creationism start like that, I wonder?) about evolution is that it attempts to explain the origin of life on our planet. Now, there’s a subset of creationists who do not take that view. Instead, they insinuate that evolutionary theory merely lends to the idea that the origin of life was an unguided, mechanistic process. And to them, that’s offense enough.

Ironically, there’s no hope for those more informed creationists. They tend to be the kinds of people who moralize, equivocate, and cognitively flimflam themselves. I think of Dembski, Behe, Luskin, et al here. In essence, they’re liars, and they know they’re liars. Their objections to evolutionary theory, and science in general, are merely political ones; they don’t like science; they don’t like scientists. They like Christian theology, and they don’t care which wrapping it gets. No, you won’t save these guys. They’re invested. And it’s lucrative for them. Double whammy.

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Why Don’t Subjective Experiences Count in Science?

This is why.

See that? That’s your puny mammal brain malfunctioning.

Well, malfunctioning’s not exactly the word. More like misinterpreting. And why shouldn’t it misinterpret? Raise your hand if this is the first optical illusion you’ve seen all week. All month? Now imagine you’re a prehistoric Homo erectus living on the Asiatic plains. How many times in your life would you expect to see such a thing? Crude guesstimate: never.

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