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I Give a D to Huckabee (Actually, an F)



The cheesy Christmas music.. the poser Mr. Rogers sweater.. the religious rot.. and to top it all off, he tells us that he approves of his own message. Thanks, Huck. You’ve been downgraded from “incompetent, religious loser” to “creepy, incompetent, religious loser”. *Shiver*

Now that you’re thoroughly terrified, here’s some Murray Gell-Mann! Behind every cloud, a silver, glasses-wearing physicist…


A Little Perspective

Often times I think religious discussion on blogs suffers from a lack of personal interaction. In my own experiences, such discussion inevitably devolves to a point where I’m just pigeonholed as an atheist robot who only speaks evil, where everything I write is more or less ignored (and I suspect not even read in the first place). That’s why I like videos like the one below. Enjoy.

Math DJ #1: Taking Requests

Originally, this blog was supposed to be dedicated to math. Well, I quickly realized two things. One, I’m not particularly good at conveying mathematical ideas in a blog setting. There’s a couple of reasons, and sure, one of them is my own lack of experience or, to be more self-flagellating, my own incompetence. I do tutor some friends of mine in calculus/analysis, but it’s less didactic and more back-and-forth Q&A. The second thing I realized is that people don’t really read my math posts.

So I’m going to try something different. Instead of me picking some subject at random to talk about, how about I get some feedback from whoever actually reads this blog o’ mine?

Are there any mathematical questions or topics you’d like me to cover?

Leave your question or suggestion in a comment, and in my next post I’ll answer. Be as specific as possible, if you can. If all goes well, this may turn into a weekly thing.