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Math DJ #1: Taking Requests

Originally, this blog was supposed to be dedicated to math. Well, I quickly realized two things. One, I’m not particularly good at conveying mathematical ideas in a blog setting. There’s a couple of reasons, and sure, one of them is my own lack of experience or, to be more self-flagellating, my own incompetence. I do tutor some friends of mine in calculus/analysis, but it’s less didactic and more back-and-forth Q&A. The second thing I realized is that people don’t really read my math posts.

So I’m going to try something different. Instead of me picking some subject at random to talk about, how about I get some feedback from whoever actually reads this blog o’ mine?

Are there any mathematical questions or topics you’d like me to cover?

Leave your question or suggestion in a comment, and in my next post I’ll answer. Be as specific as possible, if you can. If all goes well, this may turn into a weekly thing.