Wow, They Can Disagree

First I learn from Tyler DiPietro that DaveScot (also lovingly referred to as “DaveTard”) managed to utter something reasonable for once in his life.

Then I go searching on Uncommon Descent and find DaveScot actually arguing (however placidly) with the Uncommonly Dense over the connection (or more accurately, lack thereof) between natural selection and Nazism.

DaveScot writes:

If there’s any real case to be made for Darwin and the holocaust it’s the opposite of what’s messaged in Expelled. The holocaust resulted from a failure to heed Darwin’s warning that eugenics could only be practiced by sacrificing the noblest part of our nature, the very part and only part that separates us from other animals. Those responsible for the holocaust, beginning with the eugenics movement in America, were the true animals. Those opposed were nobler than the animals.

I think there might be a real separation in the ID community between those who truly think there’s academic persecution going on, and those who just want an argument–any argument–to use against the validity of evolutionary theory.

He comments in another post:

Bringing the holocaust into Expelled was nothing but gratuitous. It has no bearing at all on academic persecution of those who believe the universe has purpose and design.


So should we blame Alfred Nobel (the inventor of dynamite) for suicide bombers? Should we blame Einstein for the proliferation of nuclear weapons? Should we blame Christ for the Spanish Inquisition?

Now, DaveScot has repeatedly met the ire of science and skeptical bloggers, but from reading some of these threads, it appears that many ID sycophants don’t particularly enjoy this fact-filled dissent within their ranks. The disagreements range from “Maybe Darwin didn’t think eugenics was okay, but his ideas necessitate it” to “evolution and eugenics are the same thing”. And I have to say, DaveScot slaps them down quite handily. But why can’t he apply this same seeming reasonableness across the board?



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