A Cute Lil Somethin’

Over at this math blog I found this, and I found it totally adorable. In an Aww, you wyke yer wittle chew toy, dontcha? Yes you dooooo kind of way.

Basically, the idea is this. You take two functions f and g from \mathbb{R} \rightarrow \mathbb{R} and you plot g as if f were its x-axis. When you’re done you get some pretty sweet lookin’ plots.

Here are some of the ones I tried. The function f is in black, and T(g) is in green, (where T is the transformation discussed above). Note that using the same domains for f and T pretty much zooms f out of the picture a lot of the time.

f(x)=\lfloor x \rfloor
g(x)=\lfloor x \rfloor

f(x)=\lfloor x \rfloor
g(x)={\lfloor x \rfloor}^2

f(x)=\cos x
g(x)=\lfloor x \rfloor

f(x)=x \cos x^2

g(x)=x^3 \cos x

f(x)=\cos x
g(x)=\exp (\cos x^2 )

A fountain

And here’s the Scilab code I used, if you’re interested:

function [r] = perpfunc(f,g,p) //f and g are functions
//p is a vector of x-values you want to plot

//The function perpfunc plots g as if f was its x-axis.



for i = 1:lengthp

plot2d(b(:,1),b(:,2),style=3); fplot2d(h,f);



One response to this post.

  1. humm…
    floor(x) don’t have derivatives at some points. scilib can handle that, neat.

    You are funny with that adorable thing. xD


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