Women Aren’t Stupid

Bah. Ever since I’ve started working at my company, I no longer have the energy to really keep up with this blog the way I used to. DO NOT JUDGE ME. ONLY MY PARENTS CAN DO THAT. Sorry. Make up sex?


Mein blag is about math and malarkey, at least according to its subtitle, so I’m constitutionally required to provide you malarkey as well as math. And if anything’s malarkey, politics is malarkey.

As you probably know, Sarah Palin, hokey hockey mom and governor of the latest, greatest territory to join the Union, Aleeeeeaska, is our new next President of the United States. Well, technically it’s that old guy who’s always talking about “Warshington”, whatever that is. (Is he obsessed with war or what?)

While America’s long since disavowed its promiscuous territorial annexations (at least officially), it has in the meantime annexed something like, maybe ten mijillion times more politically useful–the common sense of the American electorate.

Now, I’ve read again and again that women aren’t stupid and won’t fall for this latest blatantest(estestestest) attempt at shallow electioneering, that Sarah Palin’s gonadal status isn’t really a topic of great persuasion to women voters. To that, I offer the following riposte. It’s not that women are stupid and will be convinced by something so ridiculous. It’s that people in general tend to be stupid and will be convinced by something so ridiculous. I don’t know if some secret group of liberal, atheist scientists is convincing Democrats to take a statistically significant sample of failed presidential elections in order to ascertain the effectiveness of Rovian politics or if the Dems are themselves just people, and thus.. well.. stupid. The first seems way more exciting, but somehow I’m thinking it’s the second one.

Being serious isn’t enough to win people over. Telling people what policies you will implement isn’t enough to win people over. It seems obvious, but apparently it isn’t. If you don’t win, guess how many policies you get to implement? ZERO OF THEM.

EDIT: Might I suggest getting back to that house thingamajabber you had going before your convention? I thought that was so cute of you.


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