Book iz gud

About two months ago, Scott Aaronson reviewed and recommended Timothy Gowers’ Princeton Companion to Mathematics (here, for instance). I won’t reiterate his enthusiasm for the book except to note that its awesomeness-to-price ratio is much greater than one. Which, considering the cost of your average math textbook (although the Companion isn’t strictly a textbook), is both impressive and vexing. Let’s just say that this thin red PDE book I’m glaring at right now cost me about twice as much for a tenth of the content (if not less). If you know the one I’m talking about, holla.


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  1. […] The Tricki 2009 May 17 by S1TN There’s a wonderful new wiki (called the Tricki) dedicated to all the clever little tricks used in mathematical proofs. It’s a project started by none other than Timothy Gowers, author of this wonderful compendium. […]


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