Please Keep Steele Forever

LOL @ this “GOP accomplishments” page on the new

Two things to notice:

1.) Most GOP voters are fucking retarded about anything useful to not be retarded about, and will not realize that a party called “The Republican Party” passed these extremely liberal, federalized social and economic measures in the late 19th century and early 20th century (unless it somehow construes them to not be racist morons, which is the entire point of this page). If they were to read this thing, they would likely try and paint swastikas all over it. Yes, literally, all over their 6-year-old CRTs. Because of the dumb. KEEP DEH GUBMINT OUT MAH ROADZ, etc., et al.

2.) As implied by the previous observation, LOLWHATTHEFUCKHISTORYFAIL. Religious, conservative, economically ignorant cynics are going to try to coopt the platform of liberal, educated, secular and idealistic Yankees? And a hundred years late at that? Go for it! (if you must)

I’ll sit here and laugh at you, though, TEEHEEHEE, as will anyone else who’s read a book, ever, that is not by Sean “I love them in the sense that I want to destroy them” Hannity (cf. my last post).


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