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My Kind of American Exceptionalism

No offense to British children, natch.


Some People Don’t Understand Politics.. or Anything.

The following clip features Cenk Uygur arguing with Glynnis MacNicol on The Young Turks about whether Fox News is a legitimate news organization.

It’s frustrating in two ways. For one, MacNicol has utterly idiotic arguments. For two, Cenk has utterly weak retorts.

MacNicol argues that it isn’t the job of the White House to go after Fox News, that this isn’t a nanny state. One wonders how a person survives the fourth grade without knowing that the presidency and the White House are political organs of the government that have no responsibility except to the Constitution (and the laws of the land, by implication). This rather obvious, simple fact continues to perplex mainstream reporters and their ilk, and is the only reason that they fail so miserably at what they purport to do.

Not only does MacNicol fail at understanding the rudimentary functions and responsibilities of our government, she also doesn’t understand simple logic. Apparently the fact that Fox News has a substantial viewership in comparison to other networks is cause to assume that what they do must be legitimate–the very definition of an ad populum fallacy. But it’s worse than that. Not only is it illogical to believe such a thing in and of itself. It’s completely illogical when you assume it’s a valid argument. Fox News has, according to various Google estimates, about 2.8 million viewers during weekday prime-time on average. This amounts to an apparently monumental viewership of about 1% (edit: math fail) of the population of the United States. Clearly the vast majority of people.

Pretty Much

Via Gawker:

[Jake Tapper] knows that it is the objective reporter’s job to always object, to everything. If the President says the ocean is quite large, it is heroic reporting to demand that his spokesman acknowledge that outer space is even bigger.

That’s pretty much how it works, isn’t it?

Please Keep Steele Forever

LOL @ this “GOP accomplishments” page on the new

Two things to notice:

1.) Most GOP voters are fucking retarded about anything useful to not be retarded about, and will not realize that a party called “The Republican Party” passed these extremely liberal, federalized social and economic measures in the late 19th century and early 20th century (unless it somehow construes them to not be racist morons, which is the entire point of this page). If they were to read this thing, they would likely try and paint swastikas all over it. Yes, literally, all over their 6-year-old CRTs. Because of the dumb. KEEP DEH GUBMINT OUT MAH ROADZ, etc., et al.

2.) As implied by the previous observation, LOLWHATTHEFUCKHISTORYFAIL. Religious, conservative, economically ignorant cynics are going to try to coopt the platform of liberal, educated, secular and idealistic Yankees? And a hundred years late at that? Go for it! (if you must)

I’ll sit here and laugh at you, though, TEEHEEHEE, as will anyone else who’s read a book, ever, that is not by Sean “I love them in the sense that I want to destroy them” Hannity (cf. my last post).

Greenwald’s Right

If you do not regularly read Greenwald, you should probably start doing that.

Right Vs. Left

Pro Tip: Anyone who utters the phrase “It’s not about left versus right!” is clearly insinuating that you are stupid. Please react accordingly.

The Lawyer’s Expert Opinion

Andrew McCarthy, noted retard, writes about the release today of four torture memos written under the presidency and administration of George W. Bush (also a noted retard):

A terrible decision, pushed for aggressively by AG Eric Holder… Holder’s press release, which suggests that the interrogators are in fact guilty of torture (“‘The President has halted the use of the interrogation techniques described in these opinions, and this administration has made clear from day one that it will not condone torture,’ said Attorney General Eric Holder. ‘We are disclosing these memos consistent with our commitment to the rule of law.'”)…

If only McCarthy had bothered to adjust his ocular pitch about negative two degrees. You know, like when he’s “talking to a member of the opposite sex”. And by “talking”, I totally mean “thinking about tittie banging that loudmouthed broad”. If that wasn’t obvious.

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