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Despite being a pianist of about twelve or so years, my repertoire is slightly cringe-worthy as of late. Aside from the fact that I haven’t had access to anything but a cheap keyboard for a few months (and honestly, they just don’t suffice–no dynamics, no key pressure, no pedal, and that ever-present clackety-clackety-clack!), I just never feel like really digging into anything anymore. I think maybe once I graduate I should take up lessons again, just so I have that push.

Anyways, some of the songs that are in my repertoire are Gershwin’s three short preludes. It’s always fun to see and hear a professional musician’s take on something you, too, can play. It really shows you the subtleties and nuances of the instrument and the possibilities of the song. So here you are, music fans: Gershwin’s Preludes No.1, No. 2, and No. 3 for the piano (in order).

Prelude No. 1
Prelude No. 2
Prelude No. 3

Wounds Are Designed for Bleeding

Mike Dunford over at The Questionable Authority writes about the rejection of the Discovery Princetitute blog from He made one excellent point (among many) that deserves to be fondled lovingly. In a totally platonic way, of course. Unless you’re parents aren’t around. Then it’s totally cool. Uh.. anyway.

He writes:

The scientific community’s distaste for the Discovery Institute isn’t caused by intolerance for dissenting views. It’s the effect of the years that the Discovery Institute has spent publicly attacking science and scientists.

Well, this just sums up the problem with the ID movement, and on multiple fronts. This misconception, this idea that everything has an agenda, a clear, directed creative purpose behind it is just factually wrong. It’s obviously wrong. It’s wrong when it comes to evolution. It’s wrong when it comes to criticisms of ID. It’s wrong when you’re talking almost everything. The weather has no agenda behind it (although I suppose most creationists would believe it does). An ant dying accidentally under my boot has no agenda behind it. Follicle bacteria imbibing your dermal sebum has no agenda behind it. “Agenda” simply isn’t a prominent feature of our universe, numerically-speaking. Even if you believe in a prime mover, that’s only ONE process out of the infinitely many processes which has an agenda. I mean, come on.. our beloved, oh-so-perfect species can barely keep its head straight on most occasions. It’s only through GRADUAL, PROGRESSIVE processes that society is enhanced, not perfunctory moral crusades.

Just put the science down for a minute. You’re out of your league. Take a look at your assumptions first. If you want to be a scientist, that’s what you have to do. Once you’ve taken a nice long pilgrimage, oh prodigal son, you can come back and apologize for your wrongdoings. And then you can do all of the cool stuff that scientists do. Peer pressure.. PEER PRESSUREEEE.. DON’T YOU WANT TO BE COOL LIKE US?


A Special Case

My statistics professor told a joke today that, while relatively funny, is also a bit interesting too. It goes like this:

A math professor is proving some general theorem, and ends up with a result involving x‘s and y‘s. One student raises his hand and asks, “Can you show us a special case of that theorem?”. In other words, the student wanted a specific application of the theorem. The professor proceeds to erase the x‘s and y‘s and replace them with x_0‘s and y_0‘s. The student replies, “Ah! That makes more sense.”

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It’s Better than Bad

Someone needs to make the math version of this. Yes.. mm hmm.

Eat It, New Jersey

From here:

Maryland is now the wealthiest state in the union, as measured by median household income, according to the latest stats from the Census Bureau. The typical Maryland household earned $65,144 in 2006, propelling it past New Jersey, which came in second with earnings of $64,470, but had led the nation in 2005.

Doesn’t surprise me. The amount of government and military people in Maryland is staggering. The reason we’re so rich here is that all your federal tax money goes to paying us. It’s okay, we like that. That’s why Virginia’s in the top ten too, I’d imagine.

The Definition of Awesome

[EDIT: Here’s another Victor Borge video that’s simply too awesome for words.]