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Mark Steyn Has Septicaemia

Oh, The Corner..

When we quote stories like these at NRO, we get a lot of e-mail saying these are just “anecdotes”.


And yes, if you look on yourself as being part of a government health system of millions of people, getting a bedsore and dying in hideous pain is no big deal in the scheme of things.
But I look on myself as being part of the Mark Steyn health system. So if I get a bedsore and die, as far as I’m concerned, that’s a 100% systemic failure.

That’s about as dumb as saying, “You can either die of a bed sore, or not die of a bed sore. In the Mark Steyn health system, that’s a 50-50 chance.”

The difference between government health care and a private system is that, under the latter, you’re free to say, “This dump’s filthy. I’m going to the state-of-the-art joint five miles up the road.” You may have to get out your checkbook, but ultimately the decisions are yours.

Two points for that penultimate sentence. Conservatives never get tired of imagining how tough they’d be in all sorts of different situations. And LOL, what the fuck? Get out your checkbook? Yeah, that’s a viable option when you HAVE NO FUCKING MONEY.

In a government system, the decisions are the bureaucrats’, and that’s that. My father is currently ill, and the health “system” is doing its best to ensure it’s fatal. When an ambulance has to be called, they take him to a different hospital according to the determinations of the bed-availability bureaucrats and which one hasn’t had to be quarantined for an infection outbreak. At the first hospital, he picked up C Difficile. At the second, MRSA. At the third, like the lady above, he got septicaemia. He’s lying there now, enjoying the socialized healthcare jackpot – C Diff, MRSA, septicaemia. None of these ailments are what he went in to be treated for. They were given to him by the medical system.

What happened to getting out the checkbook? Did the checkbook get septicaemia and die of bed sores too? Why does Mark Steyn hate his father?


I Relish Its Destruction

If there’s one video that’s demonstrative of the utter failure of mainstream journalism, one that perfectly encapsulates the smug, petulant, self-aggrandizing nature of mainstream journalists, for me, it’s gotta be this one:

I happily and eagerly await the death of this fucking inanity.

Oh, Well That’s Gone

To the person who broke into my car and stole my GPS:

I appreciate that you did not steal the pants lying in the back seat, though you clearly rifled through them.

I must remark, however, that the theft of my umbrella was a pretty dick thing to do.

Today it rained, and I did not have a spare.

I hope you die, forever.

Keeping the Bucket Full

Y’know, after an academic year, one feels, well… less than academic.

A housemate of mine in College Park has what might medically be termed ‘leaky bucket syndrome’. After even a full week’s absence from ‘Teh Learnin’, knowing full well that a whole summer’s worth of procrastination awaits him, everything just starts leaking out. He literally does not recognize the content of a topic he studied a mere week or two earlier. And he is, or aspires to be at least, an engineer of some sort (cringe). I’m sure I’m exaggerating a tad here, but still.

Aside from descrying the wellspring of my life’s sustenance (also known widely as a very emo way of describing the process of finding a job. And yes, I realize that emo jokes are no longer in style. And I’m sure you realize that I realize. How meta do you want to go here, huh?), I think that leaky bucket syndrome is my topmost worry.

I know, mid-swing into the semester, especially what might be my last semester of higher education ever, I don’t feel like picking up the dense manual of obscure cuneiform fuck-all that is a mathematics textbook ever again. But right now, at the end of the gauntlet, with no foreseeable intellectual challenges ahead, I can feel ‘teh smart’ draining out of me. I mean, just today it took me a whole fifteen minutes to solve a simple freaking 3 by 3 eigenvalue problem. Worrisome, innit? How the hell was I supposed to remember that symmetric matrices have orthogonal eigenvectors? (All you non-math people are probably saying to yourselves right now: “Yeah.. uh huh.. yeah I always forget that.. Yep.. *cough*”. Well think how I feel, bitches!)

So I have two general strategies going forward. One is to read lots of science and math blogs. But that’s too easy. I already do that. So, checkity-check. My other strategy, then, is to work my way through five or more pages of a math textbook every single day, preferably on a topic I’ve not explicitly encountered before. That oughta show ’em! Or something.

So yeah. Anybody have any other suggestions? How do I keep my math skills fresh? Or am I doomed, unless I teach or work in academia, to mathematical-Alzheimer’s-land?

The Gauntlet




Job applications..


The Copyright Kerfluffle @ ResearchBlogging

The blogodome has been all in a kerfluffle over the latest Perfunctory Institute episode involving Casey Luskin and his crow-eating behavior concerning copyright infringement. Specifically, Luskie apparently took an image off of ResearchBlogging (or his “friend gave it to him”) without permission and he used it to “web log” about some essay in some biology journal (DI people don’t blog, they “web log”–it’s like blogging, only in the style of ten years ago. Y’know, without all the nifty commenting and RSS feeding and whatnot.. all the products of blogging modernity and so forth. Although they do have trackbacks–which speaks to the media whority of the DI. Digressions!).

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More or Less Hit or Myth

When I was a good Christian boy, I was taught a legend that really served as the backbone for the beliefs I was taught to have. Most Christians will immediately identify with this legend, because it’s more or less integral. Without it, you devolve into deism or, heaven forbid, the “Love” god. This legend involves a rumor about Señor Jesus Christ… Romanssexintrigue! (Mostly not the last two.)

It goes like this:

Well, you see, lots of non-Christians wrote about Jesus’ resurrection and miracles, and you see, they have no reason to lie. See? It’s all true!


There are no credible non-Christian sources, whether Jewish in origin or Roman in origin, which describe, from a first-hand account, Jesus performing miracles, including resurrecting. There are plenty of sources talking about the persecution of Christians, and about the crucifixion of Jesus, and about the evangelizing of Christians. None of them describe first-hand accounts of Jesus performing a miracle. Not one.

The classic example Christians usually give is Josephus, who was a Jewish historian. Problem 1: Josephus was born after Jesus had already been crucified. He couldn’t have witnessed Jesus performing miracles. Problem 2: Most historians believe that most of Josephus’ writings on Jesus were fabricated. Assuming they aren’t, it’s quite clear that Josephus could’ve only known about Jesus second or third-hand. And he doesn’t write anything about miracles performed by Jesus’ followers. What we have, in essence, is a “my cousin’s daughter’s friend said.” Not credible in the least.

So we have a situation where Christians write about the miracles of Jesus, but for some reason no one else does.