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My Absence

Sorry about not making any posts in awhile. I found a place that gives me that green papery stuff in exchange for my participation in a chair-sitting competition. It goes like this. If I can sit in a chair for eight hours, tapping my fingers against lightly-springed buttons according to certain specified rules, I get to take home some of that green papery stuff. And then I get to trade it for foodstuffs, propellant for my vehicle, and many other luxuries.

OOH OOH OOH! And I have a whiteboard. A really big whiteboard. I puts maf on it. Hehehe…

Anyways, I’ve had to adjust my sleep schedule a bit, which is why the posts are lacking. I’ll get right back on that.


The Gauntlet




Job applications..


Aggggh, Exams!!


It’s Been a Long While, Internet

Hey there. I’ve been gone awhile, namely because I’ve become jaded about the topics of this blog. Atheism, skepticism, math, science.. I see a trend, I think. Barely anyone reads the math or science, and the atheism and skepticism posts receive Luftwaffe bombardments of stupid from crackpots and know-nothings (Godwined?). While the latter people were fun in their own right, they got kinda old. I am masochistic, though, so I might continue in that vein anyway.