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My Kind of American Exceptionalism

No offense to British children, natch.


I Relish Its Destruction

If there’s one video that’s demonstrative of the utter failure of mainstream journalism, one that perfectly encapsulates the smug, petulant, self-aggrandizing nature of mainstream journalists, for me, it’s gotta be this one:

I happily and eagerly await the death of this fucking inanity.

Possibly the greatest Internets Video Log ever made

Watch the whole thing. It’s worth it.

The Cat of Our Lives

Beepbeepian Rhapsody

Blatant Huckster is Blatant

You might think that a moderator should not, when introducing the parameters of a supposedly intellectual debate on the existence of the so-called Kerishten deity, first plug his own book, and then go on to offer the audience a magazine subscription, and then try and whore out religious pamphlets to college students. Within the first two minutes.

Oh, you naive, quotidian peasant.

Watching this debate between Christopher Hitchens and various religious-clerics-or-whatever still has some merit, though, if only to watch Hitchens interject mercilessly in between some pretty weak sauce apologia. Which is entertaining every now and again.

Authors @ Google: Neil deGrasse Tyson

For your edification: